Our Mission

GovAdvisors was founded with a mission to facilitate the introduction of innovative technology into the government.

The Ground Truth

GovAdvisors has brought together professionals that can offer sound advice based on years of real world experience.

The Challenge

The government does not have the capacity to evaluate new products and analyze the impact of new technology quickly.

The Process

The government approval process for new technology can be confusing, expensive and slow. We can help your company.


Our team members have worked within the system and understand how agencies approve technology.

A Roadmap to Success

We have an insiders view of the process and can provide accurate guidance that helps industry and government.

Get Precise

GovAdvisors' has a range of products that will help accurately present your technology and expedite approval.

Our Company

Government Advisors, Inc. (GovAdvisors) is a team of professionals with both government and industry experience who are passionate about accelerating the government’s adoption of new technology. We offer products, services, solutions, and advice to commercial industry based upon our in-depth knowledge of government operations, policies, and requirements. Our professionals continuously monitor the government’s evolving security requirements, policies, and product approval processes in order to provide our customers with the most accurate and timely strategy necessary for success in the public sector.

The Challenge

Historically, the federal government has had problems absorbing new technology at a pace that matches industry developments. This is due to both the complexity of the government product approval and acquisition process as well as industry’s unfamiliarity with government-specific requirements. The acquisition process can be slow and confusing, having multiple paths leading to multiple points of failure. The traditional acquisition scenario frustrates both industry and government due to its cost, time, and uncertainty. GovAdvisors has created a new paradigm to help companies interface with the government and to guide them through the approval process. We assist our customers in dealing with the government by ensuring that their products meet minimum security and information assurance requirements while mapping an efficient, effective, and lower cost evaluation path. In the end, GovAdvisors’ guidance brings certainty to a process that has, until now, been anything but certain.

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